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Services We Provide

We work with children in families in the comfort of their home, community or day-care setting to provide individualized therapy services which accommodates your busy schedule and focuses intervention on what's needed and important to each child and family. 


Formal Evaluations 

The evaluation process begins with a questionnaire completed by the parents or caregivers in order to identify any areas of concern and to gather the child's medical and developmental history. Once that is complete,  the appropriate methods of assessment are determined in order to gather further information regarding your child's development.  Clinical observations, work samples, caregiver interviews and standardized assessment tools may be completed as part of this comprehensive evaluation. Once your child's evaluation is complete,  a formal written report with clinical findings and recommendations will be provided for your review and for you to submit to your insurance provider if needed.    


Direct Occupational Therapy Services

Once the recommendations from the formal evaluation are reviewed,  the therapist and family discuss what type of services are needed.  The plan of care (frequency, duration and type of therapy) is developed to best meet the needs of the child and to accommodate the family's schedule and budget.  Occupational therapy services are most often 1:1 with the child and include consultation, education and training with the parents.  Additional training and consultation may be provided to educational staff, other providers, specialists and caregivers as requested and agreed upon by the parents and therapist as needed.


Developmental Screenings

We offer free developmental screenings for infants, toddlers and children in their community preschool setting.  We work with preschool teachers to suggest activities or strategies to support developmental growth and to identify developmental concerns that need further evaluation and follow up by a professional. Please contact us for further details.

Handwriting Tutoring

We provide a multi-sensory approach to handwriting instruction.  We address hand strength, grasping patterns, letter formation, perceptual skills, sizing, spacing and alignment. Several handwriting programs are utilized such Handwriting without Tears, First Strokes, Loops and Other Groups and Getting it Write to name a few. By multi-sensory we mean we use multiple tools to teach letters and help a child learn the motor pattern for each letter group verses just working on paper. Interested in handwriting and fine motor groups or after school programs? Please contact us.

"Miss Tammy is the best kept secret for Occupational Therapy in Loudoun County! Of the many professionals who have helped my son over the years, she has done more for him than anyone because she tackles each challenge full-heartedly, she is very reliable and dedicated. She researches new therapy techniques and introduces us to great exercises, explaining not just how to do something but why it helps. She refers us to the best technology and local support programs. Tammy writes up accurate assessments and exercise schedules for our son so we can continue to work with him after she leaves. She is very accommodating, as she responds to my questions quickly and works our changes into her schedule. I'm so thankful to have an angel like Tammy making a huge difference in our lives!"

Catherine M

Tammy has worked with my son for 4 years. In that time, she's consistently developed creative ways to help him overcome challenges and meet goals. She makes every OT session so fun that he thinks it's playtime and looks forward to working with Ms. Tammy every week. She's a treasure!

Courtney H
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